How to Sell a Used Rolex in Atlanta

How to Sell a Used Rolex Watch Atlanta

Are you looking to sell your used Rolex watch and not sure where to go or what to do? Timeless Luxury is here to help! Selling a high-end luxury watch such as a Rolex can often time be a daunting task.  There are nearly ten different watch stores in Atlanta that all claim to be the top buyer of Rolex watches. So how do you know which one is going to give you the best value? In this post, we will discuss what you should look for when deciding who to sell your watch to. We will also cover what different factors go into determining the value of a used Rolex.

How to Choose the Right Rolex Buyer

With so many stores claiming to be “Atlanta’s top Rolex buyer”, it is no doubt confusing for an individual looking to sell a Rolex watch for the first time.  At Timeless Luxury, we try to make this process as straightforward and hassle-free as possible while getting you the absolute most money.  Many stores will quote you a higher price over the phone just to get you through their door.  Once you arrive, they offer a much lower price.  We don’t play this game. Obviously, without seeing a watch in person, it is impossible to give you an exact quote.

We often quote a range of value based on the information and photos that we have been provided.  No gimmicks and no games. If we quote you a number we will do everything in our power to match it, if not exceed it based on actual condition. We can assure you that we will beat any legitimate offer on your Rolex watch! Click here for a free quote on your used Rolex now.

Longevity and customer reviews are two of the biggest things I tell customers to look at when choosing a place to sell their used Rolex watch.  We have been in the business of buying and selling watches, coins, and gold bullion in Atlanta for over 45 years.  Family-owned and our strong passion for Rolex watches shows in our customer reviews. We have 5 stars on Google, Yelp, Facebook and the Better Business Bureau.  Our reputation is everything to us so we can assure you that you will experience the same high level of customer service that each of our past and current clients have.

How Much is my Used Rolex Worth?

There are 4 major factors that go into determining the value of a Rolex watch. Each of these plays a major role in determining the value and just a minor variation can make a vast difference in value. Below you will find a description of each of these factors.

Model/Reference Number: Every different Rolex watch model has a certain reference or model number. This number is located at the 12 o’clock position between the lugs of the watch.  It is only visible by removing the bracelet.  If you have the original warranty papers it is also listed on there.  If you don’t have experience removing the bracelet, we would advise you to let a professional do it. This way you don’t risk damaging the watch.  Rolex changes these model numbers slightly over time.  A slight difference in model number can make a major monetary difference.

Age/Serial #:  Each and every Rolex watch is given a unique 7 digit/numeral serial number. Prior to 2011, this 7 digit number started with a letter which indicated its production year. The serial number on Rolex watches made prior to 2005 is located at the 6 o’clock position between the lugs.  Again, to view this you must remove the bracelet which we do not recommend. On models made after 2005, the serial number is located on the inner-engraved bezel ring inside of the watch at the 6 o’clock position.  The serial number typically plays a larger role in regard to value when it comes to older vintage models. Either way, it is an important factor that we consider when valuing a Rolex watch.

Condition:  This is the most critical when valuing a used Rolex and is often times hard to gauge without actually seeing the watch in person.  The case, bezel and bracelet are the three areas that are cosmetically most important.  The movement of the watch and its functionality is obviously crucial when determining value.  There are far too many facets regarding condition to get into them in this post.  It is best to send photos or bring your watch into one of our knowledgeable watch buyers so we can give you an accurate evaluation.

Box & Papers:  Whether or not you have all of the original accessories that came with the watch is very important.  Often times people throw away the packaging thinking that it is of little to no importance. That is 100% not the case.  Having the original tags, box, warranty papers/card, and all the links can get you anywhere from $300 to $5000 more for your watch. The higher the value of the watch the more important these items are.  When you go to sell the watch, make sure that you bring all of the original accessories that it came with.  Once the watch is sold these items will be worth far less, so it is worth taking the time to find them ahead of time.

For a free quote on your Rolex watch please click here or call us anytime at (404) 252-0049. One of our knowledgeable watch buyers will be happy to assist you and get you started in the selling process.