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Patek Philippe & Co. History

Antoni Patek, a Polish watchmaker began making pocket watches in Geneva Switzerland in 1839. That year along with his partner, Francois Czapek they established “Patek, Czapek & Cie”. The two eventually split and In 1845 Patek combined forces with Adrien Philippe, a French watchmaker. Philippe was the inventor of the first keyless winding mechanism and had published his findings just a year earlier.

In 1845 Antoni Patek and Adrien Philippe established “Patek & Cie” in Geneva. In 1851 the company was re-named “Patek, Philippe & Cie”. In 1853 the company relocated its watch factory to Grand Quai, into the building that is still used today.  In 1868 Patek Philippe changed the watch world forever with their creation of the first Swiss wristwatch. The watch was made Hungarian countess Koscowicz. Patek Philippe created their first chronograph or “complication” in 1870. The complicated chronograph movement had been around for over 50 years at this point, but Patek Philippe aided in perfecting it. In 1887 the “Calatrava Cross” was registered as the company’s official logo which is still used today.

In 1916 Patek Philippe created the first complicated ladies’ wristwatch with their introduction of the five-minute repeater. This was followed soon after by their introduction of the “supercomplication” which was 24 complications within one watch. In 1923 they introduced the split-seconds chronograph. The first Calatrava model was released in 1932 and is still one of the company’s most popular models.

Patek Philippe has made extraordinary watches for the likes of counts & countesses, prince’s & princesses and even American inventors such as James Packard. They have, and still do produce what many consider to be the most exquisite timepieces in the world.

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