How often does my watch need service?

For automatic watches, service is typically needed every 3 to 5 years. The amount of time between services relies heavily on wear and tear and the age of the watch.

How do I sell my watch to Timeless Luxury?

You have two options.  You can either bring the watch in for an in-person offer, or you can mail us your watch at our expense.  If you choose to mail the watch we will send you a shipping label and the watch is fully insured.  There is no obligation to sell, and if you choose to keep it we will send the watch back free of charge.

How do I know my watch is authentic?

Every watch that we sell at Timeless Luxury is guaranteed 100% all authentic and original unless otherwise stated.  We fully stand behind this so if you ever have any issue regarding authenticity we will gladly issue a full refund.

Do I need to send my watch to Rolex for service?

No.  We have a very competent watchmaker that used to work for Rolex in Dallas.  The turn around time is much quicker, and it will cost 30 to 40% less for the work required.  All service work is guaranteed for one year.